Willow Tree Corporate Buffet Menu

Budget Buffet - £4.95 + VAT

Cocktail Sausages
Mini Pork Pies Selection of fresh filled Sandwich Triangles (Tuna & Mayo w. Cucumber, Cheddar & Tomato, Egg Mayo with Cress. Ham Salad)
Sausage Rolls
Assorted Crisps
Chicken Wings

Finger Buffet B - £5.75 + VAT

Golden Chicken Drummers/chicken saté
Selection of fresh filled Sandwiches (Tuna & Mayo w. Cucumber, Cheddar & Tomato. Egg Mayo with Cress, Ham Salad)
Cocktail Sausages
Buffet Pork Pies
Onion Bhajis
Luxury Quiche Lorraine slices

Vegetable Crudites with Mayo dips

Assorted Crisps

Finger Buffet C - £7.25 + VAT

Spicy Chicken Wings
Selection of fresh filled Sandwiches (Tuna & Mayo w. Cucumber, Cheddar & Tomato, Egg Mayo with Cress, Ham Salad)
Selection of Meat A Vegetable Samosas
Cocktail Sausage Rolls
Vegetable Crudités with Mayo dips
Pizza slices Savory filled Vols au Vents
Onion Bhajis
Crisps or Tortilla Chips

More Veggie than most - £7.95 + VAT

Slices of Spinach & Ricotta Crepes
Smoked Salmon & Mayo sandwiches
Lemon Philly, Fennel & Foccaccia Sandwiches
Tortilla Chips with Guacamole dips
Marinated Green & Black Olives
Parmesan Fib Triangles
Spicy Chicken Wings
Celery Sticks with Roquefort

Deluxe Buffet - £9.50 + VAT

Bite Size German Bratwurst with Chutneys
BBQ Buffalo Wings
Pigs in Blankets
Selection of Baguette Sandwiches
Mixed Crolines (Salmon, Vegetable, Chicken Curry. Ham A Mushroom)
Mini Spring Rolls
Feuilleté Epinard (Spinach filled Puff Pastry)
Crispy Coated Cajun Mushrooms
Vegetable Crudités with Mayo Dips
Japanese style Breaded King Prawns

Classic Buffet - £8.95 + VAT

Buffet Savoury Eggs
Selection of Sandwiches (Tuna & Mayo w. Cucumber. Cheddar & Tomato. Egg Mayo with Cress, Horn Salad)
Mini Quiche
Cocktail Sausage Rolls
Cheddar Puffs
Pizza slices
Savoury filled Vols au Vents
Assorted Crisps
Chicken Saté with Peanut Sauce
Selection of Mignardises pastries (Filled Choux pastries and tartlets)

Dessert List A - £2.99 + VAT

Profiteroles with cream and Chocolate sauce
Home made cakes
Assorted Mignardises pastries
Mini Chocolate Eclairs
Scone halves with Cream & jam Fresh
Cream Horns

Dessert List B - £3.99 + VAT

Tarte Tatin slices with Crême fraiche
Chocolate Roulade
Treacle Tart
Lemon Meringue Pie
Fresh Cream Pavlova
Sticky Chocolate Fudge Cake
Summer Pudding
Apple Pie & Cream

All prices are quoted net of VAT

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